2012 will be eventful.

2012-01-08 20:53:55 by SyuleeArbe

Yeah, I have lots of projects I'm looking forward too, some of which included
Pocket Fever 3/2
A Paper Mario Story 2
An unnamed Pokemon remake (With new maps, and storyline.)
And some other mini games.

Im not sure what order they will come out, buuut they will come out eventually.

Movie submited it has a plot!

2011-04-27 08:49:45 by SyuleeArbe

Well, I submitted A Paper Mario Story last night. It was a lot of fun to make. No Mario isn't in it, I wanted to branch away from it while still using the sprites/characters. I named it 'A Paper Mario Story' not because I couldn't think of one but so people would get an idea of what they were watching before they clicked it. I'm not really used to making a story with an actual plot so I'll probably improve over time(Hopefully). The sound quality is terrible because I think I used to many, the original .swf was 17mb so I'll post a link to it on youtube with better quality.

Also I made the mistake of forgetting that people who haven't downloaded the Paper Mario font by Retriever II will have to put up with a generic font... Whoops.

Until the next one, leave me a review on how I can make it better :D.

*Update*Here's the updated version on Youtube. I'm putting all of your reviews in consideration for the next one!

Movie submited it has a plot!

Alright here it goes

2010-09-18 18:34:22 by SyuleeArbe

Pocket fever will have to wait. I'm making an original(Sorta) series to base my game off of. That will be cut into 7 or 9 chapters.

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New project?

2010-09-12 22:07:28 by SyuleeArbe

On the first note PF2 is out.
Second I may be starting a new movie for awhile because it will be shorter and not require voice acotrs. I'm not entirely sure but Ill keep you posted.

Ok, back to work.

2010-08-22 03:29:09 by SyuleeArbe

I spent some days just enjoying the rest of my summer. But I will continue on with my series. I decided against handdrawn animation. Because it probabley isnt a good idea to drastically change the art style in a series that's already begun. But anyway this movie will be longer the voice actors in my movie make it so the minimum this movie can be is 5min. I already have 30sec done. So it should be done in a few days if I keep working. (And don't procastinate >.>). Thats all.

Edit* This may take longer than I thought. I haave 2:17sec done and im barley 1/4 of the way done with it... Oh well heres a screenie hurray for disappointment!

Ok, back to work.