Entry #1

Ok, back to work.

2010-08-22 03:29:09 by SyuleeArbe

I spent some days just enjoying the rest of my summer. But I will continue on with my series. I decided against handdrawn animation. Because it probabley isnt a good idea to drastically change the art style in a series that's already begun. But anyway this movie will be longer the voice actors in my movie make it so the minimum this movie can be is 5min. I already have 30sec done. So it should be done in a few days if I keep working. (And don't procastinate >.>). Thats all.

Edit* This may take longer than I thought. I haave 2:17sec done and im barley 1/4 of the way done with it... Oh well heres a screenie hurray for disappointment!

Ok, back to work.


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